Blogging Again (Maybe?)

I've been thinking about setting up a blog again for long-form posts, since Mastodon isn't super-well suited for it. I've started down this road a few times in the past, but I end up getting tripped up by having excessively high standards. So I've decided to lower my standards. I took my latest attempt, which was sitting in a private repo on SourceHut, and did the minimum necessary to publish it with any content at all. I used the same domain I last used for a blog even though I'm not really attached to it. And because my last blog also had the very first Bitcoin obituary according to, I picked that as my first piece of content. And for my second piece of content, the obligatory blog about the blog.

I'm using Emacs to write the source Markdown, Pelican to generate the HMTL, Neocities for hosting, and Sitecopy to upload the content.